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Intrinsically Safe Win CE Device

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geotech-intrinsically-safe-device_2When Geotech wanted a new generation of intrinsically safe landfill and biogas analysers, it asked ByteSnap Design to design the devices. The team’s state of the art solution was a prototype based on a Win CE Device; bringing smartphone-like power and ease-of-use to Geotech’s intrinsically safe device product range.

The new analysers are the first gas analysers approved for Zone 0 (the most hazardous gas or vapour) environments to be based upon an on-board operating system – in this case Windows CE.

To meet the requirements for Zone 0 environments, ByteSnap Design had to meet exacting safety requirements, for example, ensuring that no heat was dissipated within the box. Using a full custom board design and writing all the device’s software in-house, the team created a very low power design that consumed fewer than 800mW under heavy load. Further, the Win CE device offered many of the features associated with a modern smartphone, these included:

  • GPS for tracking meter reading locations and route planning
  • Bluetooth for communications
  • Compass
  • Accelerometer
  • TFT LCD screen
  • Keypad
  • Audio

The user interface was developed using ByteSnap Design’s SnapUI software to create a user-friendly interface that required minimal operator training.

Steve Earp, Project Manager at Geotech said, “With ByteSnap Design’s help we have developed a gas analyser that is a generation ahead of the competition. Customers tell us there is nothing like it on the market.”