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Electronic Prototype Design

Our product design team turns ideas into reality for our clients through rapid electronic prototype design and development.  This allows them to evaluate their ideas further, or demonstrate these to their own customers or investors.

ByteSnap’s fast prototype development helped one customer get his product on the road. See it here:

We use modular systems to reduce design times and decrease printed circuit board (PCB) complexity. The end result will be a mock-up that looks close to a final production design, even though the internal workings may be completely different to the end manufactured product.

If possible, we can create an initial prototype by interconnecting existing modules or by using strip board to make simple circuits. This lowers risk and reduces development times and thus costs incurred. For more complex designs, PCBs are used from the first revision.

Rapid Electronic Prototype DesignElectronic Prototype Design

For extremely rapid development we have had PCBs made in just 24 hours with the products built up in-house. Software development can be carried out in parallel with hardware design to further shorten development times; our lightweight application and UI development framework, SnapUI, is well suited to parallel hardware/software development for Windows CE projects.

Once we have the initial prototype ready, we test it and make any required modifications to create a production-ready product.

Through our electronic prototype design service we have created prototype products for many sectors; industrial automation, energy metering and traffic control, amongst others.

Need fast prototype development?  We can help – talk to us today.