Selected an iMX6 or other NXP processor for your device? Looking for an experienced electronics design team to help you bring your product to market?

ByteSnap Design offers:

  • Full custom iMX6 board design
  • Design experience across NXP’s processor range
  • Customisation of third-party SoMs where time is short or the projected sales volumes are low
  • Build of custom PCBs using the whole range of iMX6s from low power i.MX6UL, through the range of solo, dual and quad processors and including the SoloX with on-board co-processor M4 core
  • Porting of both Linux and Android to iMX6 products in multiple different configurations
  • Access to its proprietary UI design platform SnapUI, which takes full advantage of the iMX6 OpenGL engine to deliver high performance user interfaces for customers on Linux

Why choose ByteSnap for your iMX design work?

Award-winning ByteSnap Design is a specialist in innovative embedded systems development, encompassing hardware and software design, with an international client list. ISO 9001:2008 certified, ByteSnap Design is an NXP Partner, and has experience of working with a number of iMX processors. The team’s experience ranges from electronic design through to BSP porting and mobile app development.