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Sauven Marking – international software development case study

Geotech gas analyser press release

Intrisically safe WIN CE device case study

ByteSnap's custom embedded design projects and electronics consultancy in 2009 press release


“Happily recommend - they had great credentials and a proven track record in both hardware and firmware development for Windows CE applications, along with some experience of intrinsically safe design.  Very quickly, ByteSnap designed and implemented both the hardware and O/S for the new platform.  I’d happily recommend ByteSnap for this type of work, and would work with them again.”

Steve Earp - Project Manager, Geotechnical Instruments Ltd



ByteSnap Design electronics engineers help clients to benefit from the latest software and hardware development techniques and tools when introducing new products to market or updating existing devices. Our team has worked on a range of industrial projects, including the delivery of software used internationally on both desktop and embedded devices.

Having worked with companies including Sauven Marking, Geotech and SKF, we have successfully guided our clients through their industrial electronics projects.  Our industrial design experience reduces project timescales and delivery cost.  As our team’s expertise spans both embedded hardware and embedded software development, this combination of skills was crucial in enabling us to deliver a portable gas analyser for hazardous environments that consumes fewer than 800 Milliwatts (mW) under heavy load and boots up rapidly.

Industrial products typically need to be rugged and long-lasting, coupled with longevity of the design that allows the product can still be manufactured years after it is launched. ByteSnap has many repeat customers in this sector and is well versed at meeting these needs, in a wider electronics market that is often dominated by consumer goods with a short shelf-life.


Strong sector experience

Your projects are delivered on time and within project budgets as we have successfully worked on industrial sector design projects

Software and hardware design under one roof

Our software and hardware teams work closely together to ensure clear and open communication throughout a product design project

Cost reduction

We enable clients to achieve lasting cost savings as we use tried and tested approaches to product development


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