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ByteSnap client in the news with the latest in marine electronics development  

Autosub Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

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 “ByteSnap Design were recommended to us by Direct Insight and since working with us, they have been proactive in contributing new ideas and have demonstrated their high level of technical proficiency early on in the project.”

Dr. Miles Pebody, Underwater Systems Laboratory, National Marine Facilities, National Oceanography Centre.


Marine electronics typically requires rugged design above all and low power consumption is not far behind as a key requirement. The tough environment that is associated with this sector presents many challenges that benefit from specialist knowledge. ByteSnap has designed a number of products that have successfully met these challenges and are today used in oceans.

ByteSnap Design electronics engineers have worked with the likes of the National Oceanographic Centre, Stats Group and SMRU Marine to provide submersible control and data on marine mammals. The work in this sector has encompassed schematic and PCB design, Embedded Linux, Windows CE and FPGA.

We have worked on multiple design projects in sub sectors including: robot control, hydrophone interfaces, the oil/gas sector, intrinsic safety and display systems.

An example of our work is The National Oceanography Centre’s Autosub Long Range mission management board. Working with Direct Insight, we developed the board, which hosts a TRITON-270 single board computer and supports six NOCS developed control module circuit cards.  The board is based on the Triton Starter kit 3 development system for Direct Insight’s Triton-270 single board computer (PXA270).


Strong marine electronics services experience

Your marine electronics projects are delivered on time and within project budgets as we have successfully worked on marine electronics engineering projects

Software and hardware design under one roof

Our software and hardware teams work closely together to ensure clear and open communication throughout a product design project

Cost reduction

We enable clients to achieve lasting cost savings as we use tried and tested approaches to product development


“ByteSnap delivered a high quality hardware design on-time and on-budget. This was complemented by high-performance Linux drivers, which we were able to seamlessly integrate into PAMBuoy, as well as top-notch customer service.  We have nothing but good things to say about those dudes!”

Andy Maginnis – Senior Software Engineer, SMRU Ltd


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