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Automotive & Rail

Improving driver/rider experience is fundamental today as the market for connected vehicles grows. Increasingly, companies that supply products to enhance the commute to work, a rider’s Sunday morning blast or a trucker’s long distance trip, are looking for support to develop innovative products to meet market demand.


Efficient tracking of the movement of goods and vehicles reduces costs, improves availability and provides peace of mind to logistics managers as they oversee inventory. The sheer number of available hardware and software combinations is confusing, while not all off-the-shelf solutions fit business requirements. ByteSnap Design electronics design engineers create bespoke logistics software applications that […]


Marine electronics typically requires rugged design above all and low power consumption is not far behind as a key requirement. The tough environment that is associated with this sector presents many challenges that benefit from specialist knowledge. ByteSnap has designed a number of products that have successfully met these challenges and are today used in […]