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New Low Currant SOC Module – Update

New Low Currant SOC Module – Update

New Low Currant SOC Module – Update

We wanted to give you a quick update on our new Low Currant Soc Module.

ByteSnap Design’s Low Currant SoC Module

OK, OK….we realise that our SoC (System on Cake) Module story would probably have crumbled fairly quickly…. so we hope it raised a few chuckles for you over the April Fools weekend!

Followers of our social media channels will know that the ByteSnap team is a very, very sweet-toothed bunch…so we couldn’t help but combine problem-solving, electronics engineering and cake to conjour up our low currant component for April 1st.

Master baker joined development team for Low Currant SOC Module project

A very special thanks to Mary-Anne Boermans who engineered the mouthwatering masterpiece for us; a luscious almond and chocolate torte featuring equally yummy sugar resistors and transistors.

Mary-Anne was a finalist on Season 2 of the Great British Bake Off, and is a successful food consultant, author and blogger.

You can check out her fabulous food adventures over at her blog, Time to Cook – Online.


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