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Accelerated OpenGL User Interface Development

User Interface Development Tool

SnapUI is a lightweight user interface development tool which streamlines the UI (user interface) prototyping and building process.

This powerful user interface development framework allows your graphic designers to edit an application’s UI independently from the core of the application itself.
Therefore, designers can amend the user interface design while the developers concentrate on core application functionality; helping to reduce development time and improve project efficiency.

SnapUI is now available on Raspberry Pi, Linux and Windows CE.

New SnapUI User Interface Development Tool: Raspberry Pi

 SnapUI Raspberry Pi brings high performance to UI prototyping, with the emphasis on CPU embedded chipsets.

SnapUI Linux

This release of our popular UI tool has been built from the ground up in response to numerous requests from Linux developers.

The SnapUI User Interface Development Framework for Linux offers benefits including rapid prototyping on Linux embedded systems running Open GL hardware. Using hardware acceleration and a smaller memory footprint, it achieves faster load times and blistering performance.

ByteSnap SnapUI Linux user interface developent tool
Easy modification, rapid prototyping

XML is used as the description language, providing a flexible model for quick and easy modification of user interface objects.

SnapUI User Interface Development Tool_5

Items such as text, sliders, buttons, video windows and their interactions can be described quickly and simply, allowing rapid prototyping of user interfaces.


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Lower power consumption
In the compiled SnapUI library, a powerful OpenGL engine renders content optimised for the Freescale iMX6 hardware acceleration blocks; achieving high frame rates with reduced power consumption compared with a software rendered solution.

ByteSnap SnapUI User Interface Development Framework_1Hardware video playback supports the inclusion of HD video for advertising or illustrations in your target application.


Multiple language support
Multiple languages are supported with the aid of language tags.  A mechanism is provided for extracting all the text fields from the user interface description into a languages XML file.  This can be sent off for translation, allowing multiple languages to be switched between dynamically in the user interface.


Performance benefits for a stunning experience
SnapUI is a framework to support your expected user interface paradigms, giving you a quick mechanism to prototype screens and navigation flow, an extensible mechanism to provide user interface features that are specific to your application, and with the performance benefits of hardware acceleration to give a stunning experience.

SnapUI User Interface Development Tool 4

Classic SnapUI User Interface Development Tool: Windows CE


Classic SnapUI has an extremely small code footprint, unlike similar Windows-focused products which use the .net framework.  This results in two benefits: not only does this mean less memory space is used in execution –  it also runs significantly faster.

See how the Classic SnapUI Tool has been used here:

Fast, standards-based solution
SnapUI defines the user interface in a configuration file (XML) rather than a programming language. The result is a fast, lightweight and standards-based solution that improves usability and reduces development time. This in turn means that prototyping can be accelerated, and application development times shortened.

Another bonus is that graphic designers need less in-depth knowledge of the underlying application and can focus on updating the XML UI. The result is that designers and customers can amend and edit the interface on their own without needing experts to re-compile code.


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This flexibility also enables a wide range of UI styles to be displayed from a single application. For example, it’s possible  – via a single XML file and a selection of images – to produce multiple designs, thereby targeting different user groups within a single product release.

SnapUI compiles and runs on:

  • Windows CE
  • Windows Mobile both Smartphone and Pocketpc
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (all 32 and 64 bit)

Current UI objects include most core components such as:SnapUi2

  • Icons with full alpha blending support
  • Sliders
  • Scroll Bars
  • Video viewers
  • Full formatted text support
  • Generic SQL database output object

Current device control support:

  • Media parser for audio, video, images
  • DShow Audio playback support
  • DShow Video playback support
  • Image playback decoding

Customer Testimonial

Steve Earp – Project Manager at Geotechnical Instruments Ltd.

ByteSnap was recommended to us by one of our own firmware engineers who had worked with them on previous projects.

Knowing the development engineers from previous projects made them ideal candidates and helped to swiftly integrate them into the Geotech team. They also had great credentials and a proven track record in both hardware and firmware development for Windows CE applications along with some experience of intrinsically safe design.

Very quickly, ByteSnap designed and implemented both the hardware and O/S for the new platform. Specifically, the new board was designed around a FreeScale processor and had drivers for flash programming, USB comms, TFT screen control, Keypad controllers and others. This helped provide a stable platform ahead of the in-house software team’s involvement and freed our own engineers to work on other aspects of the design.

I’d happily recommend ByteSnap for this type of work and would work with them again.

Get in touch to find out how your design project can benefit from the SnapUI User Interface Development Tool.

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