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Control systems for devices and machines in industrial and commercial settings require a robust and secure means of command and control. ZigBee based systems offer a number of benefits in automated monitoring and control systems:

  • Secure communications between nodes (hardware AES-128 encryption)
  • Robust mesh network, providing redundant routing in case of a node failure
  • ZigBee radio signals avoid obstructions by utilising mesh networking between nodes
  • Fast wake from sleep state enabling very low power consumption and long battery life

ByteSnap Designs ZDM-01 development kit enables developers to prototype their ZigBee control system designs safely and rapidly: it has an on-board PIC microcontroller to simulate a mains load as well as multiple switches, LEDs and character LCD.

Typical application scenarios for ZigBee control systems include:

  • Commercial building automation
  • Home automation
  • Industrial process control and monitoring
  • Lighting control