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ZigBee Control & Metering Modules

ZigBee Metering

ZigBee metering is a capability (also known as a Cluster) provided as part of the ZigBee Smart Energy profile. The current ZigBee Smart Energy profile is designed for monitoring energy usage and flow rates.

ByteSnap Design’s ZMM-01 module supports the Smart Energy meter profile to provide ZigBee metering and features a highly accurate watt-hour meter on a chip. This device, the Cirrus Logic CS5467, fulfils the requirements of the metering function in a meter complying with IEC EN62053-21 Class 1 or IEC EN62053-23 Class 2.

The ZMM-01 meter is ideally suited to domestic and commercial smart energy metering applications, enabling automated meter reading (AMR). The ZMM-01s ZigBee load control features allow an automated metering infrastructure (AMI) to move beyond simple AMR functions and move to a full ZigBee enabled demand response and load control management system.