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Services-SD-WinceWe are among the UK’s most experienced Windows CE developers who have designed and built over 40 Windows CE products ranging from CE2.11 up to CE6.0 and over 10 Windows Mobile products.

We have now included migration of CE6.0 to Window Embedded Compact 7 to our growing portfolio.

Our clients have benefited from successfully implemented projects in Bootloader and Initial Board bring up, Ethernet/USB and Serial KITL transports, Kernel and OAL work, Single Driver and Bus Driver work, and system optimisation including power management. We are experienced in using a range of processors including:

  • NXP
  • Marvell
  • Intel
  • Samsung
  • Hitachi (Renesas) SH series

Our work has supported the following many areas of Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS development including these driver types:

  • GSM Modules (MUX and RIL)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • ZigBee
  • Display Adaptors
  • USB Client and Host Drivers
  • Audio

Customer Testimonial

Steve Earp – Project Manager, Geotechnical Instruments Ltd.

ByteSnap was recommended to us by one of our own firmware engineers who had worked with them on previous projects.


Knowing the development engineers from previous projects made them ideal candidates and helped to swiftly integrate them into the Geotech team. They also had great credentials and a proven track record in both hardware and firmware development for Windows CE applications along with some experience of intrinsically safe design.


Very quickly, ByteSnap designed and implemented both the hardware and O/S for the new platform.


Specifically, the new board was designed around a FreeScale processor and had drivers for flash programming, USB comms, TFT screen control, Keypad controllers and others. This helped provide a stable platform ahead of the in-house software team’s involvement and freed our own engineers to work on other aspects of the design.


I’d happily recommend ByteSnap for this type of work and would work with them again.