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Services-SD-WEMWe use Windows CE and Windows Mobile to develop efficient, robust, and innovative solutions for embedded mobile products.

Our practical, tailored solutions are based on experience of designing commercially viable products. Our in-depth experience in Windows CE and Windows Mobile help our clients to reduce the time it takes to bring their products to market and can be introduced at any time during product development.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Video and Audio Applications
  • Connected Applications (GPRS/WiFi)
  • Graphics rich UI content
  • GPS Development
  • Bluetooth communications
  • Telephony

ByteSnap Design’s Windows CE developers have worked on a wide range of projects to bring mobile applications to life. An example of our work is the TrakAxMobile application.

With the TrakAxMobile application, users can create videos, take photographs, download music, and surf the web via their phone. Until TrakAxMobile, mobile technology had been lacking an application that could transform photographs and videos into something vibrant and original.